Message from DHF CEO

Message from DHF’S CEO

On behalf of Doses of Hope Foundation’s team, welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit our website .I have had the pleasure of looking back over the past years and seeing just how much far we have come, and how much we have achieved.

It is undeniable that Doses of Hope Foundation (DHF) has encountered many challenges in enabling our target groups to survive in an environment where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignified manner with security. What we may have succeeded to a certain extent is our deep conviction that enabling the people to take their destiny in their own hands is the ultimate response to poverty and injustice. We work to find practical, innovative ways for people to be able to lift-up themselves out of poverty. We believe that the power of the will, persistence and the resilience of the people are the ultimate tools to fight in equality.

One striking result of DHF’s program is accessing financial services to the target groups on one hand, and the provision of the skills and education needed to safe-guard the established income generating activities on the other hand. This is seen by the beneficiaries and by the mission of DHF as the ultimate instruments to link the cause to the effect. The cause here, poverty, is linked to the effects- lack of access to education and basic income. The creation of self-employment opportunities and market access has equally enabled DHF’s women beneficiaries to play a more active role in intra household decision-making. It has also helped the women to invest in their families‟ welfare thereby decreasing their own and their household’s vulnerability.

We put special emphasis on investing in women and girls because our 17 years’ experience has shown that their empowerment benefits whole communities. Summing it up, DHF’s contribution to youth & women’s ability to earn sustainable incomes can initiate a series of ‘virtuous spirals’ of economic empowerment among the targeted groups in the long-term.

It is equally important to mention the human rights aspect, which DHFs program embeds in all its activities and services, and how the human dignity and integrity is protected in every step of the institution. The impact of these activities should not be underestimated. They facilitate the discussion of subjects that are not usually considered to be interrelated in Somaliland. Poverty is not for example regarded as an entity that is mostly a by-product of illiteracy and hence education is not seen as a tool to fight with poverty.

Thank you for your interest in Doses of Hope Foundation.

Fadumo Alin,
CEO & Founder