History of Doses of Hope Foundation 

Doses of Hope Foundation (DHF) is among the organisations that were established after the Somali civil war. At the development stage, DHF had neither the starting capital nor the infrastructure necessary to implement the objectives of the mission. The organization has to build itself from scratch and had to defy against all odds to realize the objectives of its mission. The history of DHF is based on the experiences of the a group of Somali women Diaspora who turned their ordeal of displacement and war-atrocities into what is now considered by many people ‘a success ces, and how the Diaspora can significantly and effectively contribute, to the development and poverty reduction of their home country.

Originally the idea behind the establishment of DHF was pioneered by Mrs Fadumo Alin  (Founder and current CEO) who fled the 1991 civil war in Somalia. The voice of Alin ‘let us do something about what happened to our country’ has soon attracted many people. Mrs.Alin was very angry at the Somali men for not only instigating the 1991 civil war in Somalia and the destruction of the country that followed but also how this senseless war has thrown the Somali women and children into a sea of uncertainty and insecurity, forcing them and their children either to be internally or internationally displaced,