Vocational Training

Started in 2007, DHFs vocational training is an educational project that employs an innovative model, which engages trainees as problem solvers, not as problems to solve. The project targets 3 groups (a) illiterate learners to become functionally literate, (b) secondary, university and vocational training graduates who want to build their entrepreneurial ability and their business management skills, and (c) victims of gender based violence.

The project works on a sustainable livelihood intervention with ultimate focus on employment generation. Trainees gain access to comprehensive training on literacy and market-orientated entrepreneurial skills focused on sustainable business start-up and expansion. By providing them with opportunities for receiving marketable skills training and subsequently access to financial services, the trainees are better

 Contents of the literacy training is attached seperately

This is done through DHFs Microfinance Institution

equipped for productive economic activities to sustain themselves and their dependents. Besides the above skills, the project provides the trainees also a whole range of key competences and soft or transferable skills.

DHF believes that training whether it is literacy or other skills is not only vital for personal survival and dignity but it is an essential part of peace building and conflict prevention such as problem-solving, the role of striving towards results, calculated propensity towards risk and a personal innovation role, DHFs specialization on this concept and other ones makes the organization a formidable asset.

The project has from 2007 benefited 660 youth and women directly, and has indirectly benefited another 4,620 of their dependents. The combination of technical training, skill development and functional literacy training boosts both the project’s output and sets standards for a good concept that works.